First Wedding in the (camera) bag

So, a couple very trustingly, after seeing my portfolio, hired me to be their photographer at their wedding.  I’m not going to lie, it was a scary proposition.  Having someone’s special day in the palm of my hands, quite literally and relying on me to capture their special day!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d done a few corporate events, so knew how to be invisible… but this was going to be something else!

In preparation I did the sensible thing and took myself back to basics and went on a course ‘Getting Started’ ran by the Nikon School (extremely good btw).  It really put me back in the mind of what I could do with the camera and what my limitations were without some of the equipment I literally couldn’t afford to get…

I guess I’m writing this blog for anyone out there who wants to do the same thing, but also to prove that if you have the trust and confidence in yourself to deliver and put 100% into it, then you will achieve.  I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous, but I did my research, talked to the couple about what they were expecting from me (I wanted a list), and practise, practise, practise….

The day turned out to be pretty chilled.  For me, it felt like a proper ‘East-End Knees-Up’.  The wedding was held in Tower Hamlets Register Office and then moved onto The Duke of Somerset pub in London E1.  It couldn’t have been a better first wedding to photograph.  The venue was bright and spacious with plenty of opportunities to catch moments, the outside space great to capture the ‘formal’ shots and the pub, again, spacious for me to move around and get candid shots.

The wedding party couldn’t believe it was my first wedding, after bossing everyone about into the right positions for the family shots, and the wedding ‘full-party’ shots.  (Including wrangling of a photo-bombing child!!).  I had some great feedback and wonderful praise.

Thank you to Stu and Jen – for their generosity and kindness.  You guys are awesome!

I can’t wait to do more with this, it’s an exciting new challenge and I’m ready for it.

Check out some of the photos here.


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  1. Well what can I say? You were the perfect photographer for the perfect day! You offered us so much and when we wasn’t prepared took the perfect pictures. It was a pleasure to have you as our photographer, and if anyone is in limbo about who to hire then look no more. what an amazing day and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the job you did. We wish you every success for the future and who knows, we might be your 1st christening shoot 😉 xx

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