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I am a London/Bedfordshire based photographer/artist looking for new ways to capture memories.

If you are in need of a pet photographer or would like candid photos of your special family moments, please check out my photos and get in contact to discuss a potential session.

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Photography course

So,  possibly the best investment I’ve made this year, so far, was in myself. Last Saturday I went on my first official photography course at Nikon London.  You can never stop learning – or re-learning in this case! It was so inspiring being with other people with the same interests and getting to use the knowledge …

New goals

So, a lot of things have changed since April.  A new job that I’m enjoying, more hobbies, and singing – phew! In dog news, the family has a new dog called Albie.  He is a chocolate Labrador, who is Trouble (definitely need the capital there)!  He will be featuring in a lot of photos…  He’s …


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