Welcome to LoolaBelle.com

I am a London/Bedfordshire based photographer/artist looking for new ways to capture memories.

If you are in need of a pet photographer or would like candid photos of your special family moments, please check out my photos and get in contact to discuss a potential session.

Also, follow me on instagram at loolabellePC

Dog Photography

The above photos are mostly un-edited photos of dogs that I’ve had the privilege of shooting.

About Me

The past 12 months have been the most challenging of my life, but photography, crafting and new friendships have got me through it.

I would really like to start making this hobby into a career, so that I can do something I love on a day-to-day basis.

I have a good relationship with animals that seem to make for good photos and love spending time with families.  Which makes all this seem like a good idea.

Please send me a message if you’d like to hear or see move of my work.  The website is currently a work in progress…


New goals

So, a lot of things have changed since April.  A new job that I’m enjoying, more hobbies, and singing – phew! In dog news, the family has a new dog called Albie.  He is a chocolate Labrador, who is Trouble (definitely need the capital there)!  He will be featuring in a lot of photos…  He’s …


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