Puppy shoot – am I mad?

Well, who said this was easy… not me at any point!

Puppies are puppies and as lovely as they are, they are so unpredictable.  If you’re lucky they sit, or stay or get tired pretty quickly… However, that’s the joy of them.  They ARE unpredictable and they ARE inquisitive.  This makes them great to capture.

A 15 week chocolate labrador, who is adorable, is the funniest being you could encounter, and a great subject.  Loves being chased, or being the ‘chase-ee’.  Playing, running and generally just being what he is… a puppy.

I had the most fun doing this and got some great shots out of it.  Here’s one of my favourites:

Follow Albie’s life and latest photos on instagram @thechoclabUK

Photography course

So,  possibly the best investment I’ve made this year, so far, was in myself.

Last Saturday I went on my first official photography course at Nikon London.  You can never stop learning – or re-learning in this case!

It was so inspiring being with other people with the same interests and getting to use the knowledge given, practically, on the day.

I learnt some different ways of looking at and taking shots.  Looking at post editing and re-remembering the ‘third’ rule.

The following day I took my new found knowledge around Dulwich and couldn’t be happier with the results and praise that I’ve received since.

I liked going back to the beginning because I’m so bad at remembering the finer details.  This course was so good as a booster and I would recommend to anyone.

Here are the details of the course and I hope you enjoy my shots:

Getting Started with DSLR

New goals

So, a lot of things have changed since April.  A new job that I’m enjoying, more hobbies, and singing – phew!

In dog news, the family has a new dog called Albie.  He is a chocolate Labrador, who is Trouble (definitely need the capital there)!  He will be featuring in a lot of photos…  He’s six months now, and is growing up quickly.

I’ve also started a Dog Behaviour Course, something else I’d love to do in my spare time. I’ve already helped one colleague by suggesting the ‘claw’ technique.  In this instance it’s for stopping some biting happening to a family matter.  So hopefully this extra interest will help me in pushing my photography and career further.

Hello friends…

I wanted to create a blog to help people who want to start taking photos or get into arts and crafts, for either the love of it or it’s mindfulness qualities.

To start with my posts will be the end products and going forward I will try to give a step by step guide (especially for the arts and crafts).

Join me on my creative journey, I hope it will help you to continue on your own creative path.