Photography course

So,  possibly the best investment I’ve made this year, so far, was in myself.

Last Saturday I went on my first official photography course at Nikon London.  You can never stop learning – or re-learning in this case!

It was so inspiring being with other people with the same interests and getting to use the knowledge given, practically, on the day.

I learnt some different ways of looking at and taking shots.  Looking at post editing and re-remembering the ‘third’ rule.

The following day I took my new found knowledge around Dulwich and couldn’t be happier with the results and praise that I’ve received since.

I liked going back to the beginning because I’m so bad at remembering the finer details.  This course was so good as a booster and I would recommend to anyone.

Here are the details of the course and I hope you enjoy my shots:

Getting Started with DSLR